Nassau-Suffolk Horsemen’s Association

Welcome to Nassau-Suffolk

Horsemen’s Association!

Our Mission

The Nassau-Suffolk Horsemen’s Association is an all- volunteer not-for-profit 501(c)3 charitable, educational & service organization that has worked since 1967 to promote humane equine practices, to educate horse people and the public concerning equine matters and to represent the concerns of all equine activities and interests. 

We are also dedicated to preserving open space and a clean environment in the best interest of all equines, equestrians and Long Islanders.

To the members of NSHA:
NSHA Open Meeting
Open meeting for current members this Wednesday, May 25th at 7-9pm at old Bethpage Village Restoration.
We will be holding elections. Below is a listing of the current open officer positions.
· President
· 1 st VP
· 2 nd VP
· 3rd VP
· Treasurer
· Recording Secretary
Please indicate those members in good standing whom you wish to nominate. Be sure you have their permission to nominate them. Please include the nominee’s contact information. You may of course nominate yourself. In addition, there are many volunteer positions available for those of you who would like to help out. This is your organization and it is your opportunity to steer the direction you wish it to take. Please respond ASAP .

NSHA Board of Directors