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Nassau-Suffolk Horsemen's Association, Inc.

Long Island is Horse Country

News and Events

September 2016

After a brief reconnaissance at West Hills Park circumventing yellow police crime scene tape and snow fence barriers and avoiding armed sentries from the county parks, I was able to draw a few conclusions. There was in fact a very large pile of sand like material. 1-There was no evidence from my location of any building material. 2- Throughout the proximate trails there was evidence that the bridle paths had been scraped, widened and leveled removing holes and rocks making them more user friendly. Attached are a couple of pix, slightly blurry because Pal wanted to get away from the “hostiles” and not be captured or worse.

So much for bogus reporting from Newsday.                                                                                             Marvin

For current updates, please see the Friends of West Hills Park on Facebook. See link below