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Nassau-Suffolk Horsemen's Association, Inc.

Long Island is Horse Country

Why Join NSHA?

Here are six important reasons to join Nassau-Suffolk Horsemen’s Association!


NSHA is one of the largest and most active horse associations in the United States. You can be sure that an NSHA representative will be at local government meetings and hearings concerning issues of interest to horse people.

On a state and national front, NSHA is a member of the New York State Horse Council, the American Horse Council and the American Horse Shows Association. Regarding animal welfare, we work with the ASPCA and other humane societies to promote the ethical treatment of horses.


Call us at 516-680-6362 to discuss horse issues – big or small – that concern you. Founded in 1967, NSHA can provide you with the benefits of long lasting and positive relationships built with people who have experience and expertise on all facets of horse interests.


We work with other local horse organizations to coordinate activities and promote common objectives. Our newsletter provides you with current news of interest to all horse people.


Our seminars throughout the year provide you with valuable information on riding and the care of horses. Recent topics include equine nutrition, equine rescue, corrective shoeing, and colic; as well as massage therapy and chiropractic treatments for horses.


Long Island’s remaining open space is precious to us all. NSHA represents the strength in numbers necessary to save riding trails and preserve our parks as equestrian facilities. We meet with environmental groups to promote shared use of public and private land. And, we work hard to open, clear, maintain and map riding trails for us all to enjoy.

6. FUN!

You’ll enjoy meeting with people who share common interests – Long Island and horses. We’ll provide the setting!